Sea freight

Sea freight may be slower then air and road transhipment, but it is a very cost effective mode of getting your goods to your desired destination. We offer both LCL (less than a container load) and FCL (full container loads of 20’  and 40’) to and from 90 ports worldwide.

We provide Cargo Management Report. This simply means that once your booking has been executed, and your cargo is moved, we will provide you with regular progressive updates on a weekly basis, or when we receive an update, for each consignment respectively.

If you are freighting your cargo into Fiji, your shipping documents will be forwarded to us and we will verify all information and enter it into our EDI Cargo Wise System. We will notify you on the proposed arrival date of your consignment, together with your Manifest Registration Number.

Your Arrival Notice, House Bill and Invoices will be sent to you either via email, fax or mail. Our worldwide network of partners and agents ensure timely customs clearance in the country of destination.

Fish Export

Bigone Logistics is one of the largest local providers for Fish Logistics Operations with accumulated field experience of 5 years in handling and exporting 20ft & 40ft reefer container’s mostly  normal reefer units (-21 or -25 degrees), Magnums units (-35 degrees) and Super reefer units (-60 degrees).

Super Reefers

Certain types of products require transport at ultra low temperatures. Therefore, Maersk have developed a new type of refrigerated container specifically for such products. The super freezer container is able to maintain temperatures as low as -60 degrees centigrade (-76 centigrade feranhite), which makes it an ideal solution for carriage of frozen tuna into the demanding Japanese sushi and sashimi market. The cargo can be loaded processed, as loins, or as whole fish. By utilizing a special Stuffie container, stuffing’s direct from the fishing vessel can be performed.

This ensures that the cargo’s exposure to temperature variations during the loading operation is kept at an absolute minimum. With our experience on Thermo King Super Reefers (special refrigerated containers that are used in delicate export such as tuna), Bigone Logistics constantly, monitor the whole operation while tuna is being loaded from reefer fishing boats to a Stuffie container directly to the Super Reefers to maintain the ambient temperature for this delicate cargo. The process of this operation varies. Loading of one container can take on average 3 hours. Every year this business brings to Bigone Logistics satisfaction and more expertise in the area.